Founded in 2018, Torre Financial is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the states of California and Texas. Torre Financial focuses on providing high-quality investment management services to our clients.

We believe in honest work. Our account structure was developed with transparency at top of mind. Client accounts are linked to Torre Financial's advisory account and maintained separately. Clients retain complete ownership and access to their accounts at all times. Torre Financial is granted discretionary authority by the client and manages each account individually.


Torre Financial's mission is to deliver excellent service to our clients through acting with integrity, managing risk, and yielding superior investment results.


Our firm was created with our clients in mind. We wanted to create a firm we would be comfortable investing our own money in. This client-centered approach drives many of the decisions we make; from how we build our portfolios to how we operate our business.

Torre Financial focuses on getting to know our clients well. Understanding the client's needs and objectives is critical in aligning on a long-term strategy for building wealth. Each portfolio is personalized to the needs the client. Original investment ideas generated at Torre Financial are used to construct these individual portfolios, whether the primary investment objective is fixed income, growth, or capital preservation. Handling individual accounts and needs we are able to optimize for tax considerations. These considerations, whether holding REITs in tax-sheltered account or monitoring holding periods before capturing any gains, can have considerable effects on a portfolio over time.

Knowing that fees can cut into returns over the long term, we strive for efficient operations. A primary reason for the selection of our custodian is the low trading commissions. Our services are competitively priced and aligned with our client's best interests. As a truly independent advisory firm, Torre Financial does not receive any compensation or fees for recommending financial products or executing trades.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. We are constantly refining our investment strategy. We believe in leveraging hard work to gain an edge through original ideas, disciplined behavior, and a business owner's perspective. We study and respect time-tested lessons, incorporating them into our strategy as we see fit. We constantly scan the market for the best available opportunities. Our goal is to provide superior investment results for our clients, whatever their needs may be.