We understand philosophy to be the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

Risk management

At Torre Financial we focus on risk-adjusted performance. We are averse to excess risk - we look to capture investments that provide favorably-skewed risk-reward opportunities. We believe that controlling risk by limiting downside and mitigating mistakes is vital to investment success.

Time in the market

Our job is to put your money to use, and as long as we find excellent investment opportunities we will keep a portfolio invested. We won't try to time the market. We believe it to be is a losing game.

We acknowledge that the market environment is continually shifting. The risk levels of our portfolios are adjusted accordingly, positioned more defensively when appropriate. Holding investments during a downturn may be unpleasant, but missing out on returns because we failed to buy what we were hired to buy is inexcusable.

Inefficiency in markets

We believe that markets do present opportunities; our job is to find them. Markets may be efficient, but not perfect. Market participants can and often do create value dislocations. We believe that hard work and skill, through persistent monitoring and original thinking, can lead to a competitive advantage.

Bottom-up analysis

Macro-trends and economic metrics are important indicators of the current state of the economy. However, we believe that real investment opportunities lie in individual companies. We look for great companies that will thrive in any environment.

Invest in companies

When analyzing an investment opportunity, we look at the entire business from a business owner perspective. We invest in companies that are well managed, innovate, and produce valuable services or products to help people. Our investments are not quick trades on stock tickers that move daily.


We believe that long-term success is built up by many small decisions over time. Consistency is key.

The market environment is unpredictable and working for consistency requires discipline. Although we strive for superior results, it would not be unprecedented to lag in some bull markets. Euphoria can lead to risky positions temporarily outperforming a more grounded approach. We would expect our portfolio to outperform in a bear market.