“The rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct”

Guiding Principles

Build trust. Trust is paramount. Act with integrity. Be transparent. Be truthful and honest. Be clear and direct.

Focus on winners. We are a product of those we spend most time with. Surround yourself with winners. Find them. Get to know them. Learn from them.

Keep it simple. Less is more. Start from first principles.

Always be learning. Build knowledge. Be humble. Know what you don’t know.

Strive for excellence. Be disciplined. Be dedicated. Put in the time and effort. Seek continuous improvement. Consistent, small wins determine success over the long term.

Investment Beliefs

Business Owner's Perspective

Macro-trends and economic metrics are important indicators of the current state of the economy. Investment opportunities, however, lie in the individual companies. I look for great companies that will thrive in any given environment.

When analyzing an investment opportunity, I look at the entire business from a business owner perspective. I invest in companies that are well managed, innovative, and produce valuable services or products that help people. Our investments are for the long-term. They are not quick trades on stock tickers that move daily.

Time in the Market

My job is to put money to use. As long as there are appealing investment opportunities, I will do that. I won't try to time the market. The market environment is continually shifting. Risk levels may be adjusted accordingly, positioning more defensively when appropriate.

Opportunity in Markets

Markets present opportunities; my job is to find them. Markets may be efficient, but not perfect. Market participants can and often do create value dislocations. Persistent monitoring and original thinking can lead to a competitive advantage.